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Interested in boosting sales, improving employee productivity, or enhancing your business relationships? Promotional items have been proven to do all this and more! One of the great advantages of gifting a promotional item is your brand message will be seen over and over again by the recipients. In the case of a prospect, this means you will have your contact information in front of them all day, every day. For your employees, the message could be the goal you are helping them hit, or the message you hope they will pass on to your customers.

Let’s not forget after you make the sale, a promotional item gift is a perfect way to say thank you and remind them of your contact information. Even something as simple as a keychain to help them open the box of your product you’re delivering, a mug to drink their morning coffee, a pen to take notes, a calendar to keep track of important events… You get the idea.

Having your brand or logo or website on something they will value is an excellent way to improve your chances of a repeat order. You don’t want your customer or prospect seeing your competitors information before yours, if they have a mouse pad or desk organizer in front of them all day, they will pick up the phone and call you first!

Don’t forget that many promotional items have a very long life span, and great repeat exposure value. How many times will that customer see your logo on the Post-it note pad? Or how many times will they pull out that calculator with your logo on it, and not even realize they have seen your website again and again? The answer is tons of time! Targeted gift promotional items are your best way to get in front of your customers, and stay there!

Promotional Gifts, like all gifts, are also important in showing appreciation to your customers, suppliers and even your bosses! You should take into consideration all the different factors when selecting a corporate gift, such as target market, recipient age and status, and most importantly, find out in advance if they can actually receive a gift without complicating their life. A number of companies and organizations have strict rules in place about gifts, and can not receive anything they can not reciprocate. Other industries have strict reporting guidelines about the dollar value of gifts, and they actually have to report each gift they receive over a certain dollar figure. A further consideration is the government. If an employee receives gifts over a certain dollar amount, they may actually have to declare their receipts and pay taxes on the gifts.

If you’re unsure about what to give, how much to give, or when to give it, be sure to get in touch with one of our promotional specialists today. We will be happy to walk you through all the necessary steps when considering what gifts to give.

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